Friday, June 23, 2006

Colorado Vacation

We had a blast! Drove out on Hwy 50 and stayed the night in a little town WAY out in the boonies called Walsenburg, Co before heading into Durango the next morning. The San Juan Forest was just beautiful! We did a very short hike at the Continental Divide so the kids could get their hands in the snow. Lenae thought it was SO COOL to be in shorts and playing with the snow. My friend, Karen, met us in Durango. She was able to stay with us for a few nights. Kerry, Lenae and Karen went river rafting the next day. Later that night, Karen, Lenae and I went shopping! Downtown Durango great for that! Lenae got tired, and we didn't cover near as much as we wanted to. We all rode the Durango to Silverton Train the following day. It was a lot of fun (even for the 3rd time around! - for me anyway). There is some beautiful country that you just can't see from the road. Karen also introduced us to Geocaching! We made our first three finds with her, and have found several more since we've been back home. Check out this site to find out more. It is a lot of fun, and free too! Well, except for the fuel. After Karen left, Kerry, the kids and I did a lot of driving around the area. We drove to Vallecito Lake, which is absolutely gorgeous! When we left Durango, we headed up the Million Dollar Highway. Talk about nature's beauty at its best! Wow! I've been down the road as a kid, but don't remember it much. Other than the cars my brother and I had spotted that had driven off the mountain side and crashed below! YIKES! Kerry laughed because I kept leaning away from the edge. He kept wanting me to lean way over and take pictures of the drop off. NO THANKS! Anyway, we stopped by Karen's on our way to Denver. The canyon outside of Glenwood Springs was beautiful! The kids were getting cranky, and it was getting dark, so we decided to find a place to sleep for the night. We stayed at a little hotel in Frisco. What a neat place! Too bad we didn't have time to shop. I'd love to go back there. :) We finished our drive to Denver the next morning and then spent the day with Kerry's cousins. The following day we took off and arrived home. Now...I've got to get scrappin'.