Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Vacation is officially here!

We traditionally end the school year by getting together as a staff for lunch. This year was no different. We met at the home of one of our teachers, and had a great time enjoying each other's company. This year we had a group of staff that decided they needed to form a Barry Manillow fan club complete with T-Shirts. They even coerced Fr. Jarrett to join in, the poor soul. Of course, many of us "younger" folks decided that we could not just stand by and watch. We ended up with a Journey group, complete with our own T-Shirts with "Just Say No to Barry Manillow" on the back. It was a fun way to end the school year, and next time we'll make sure to snag Father before they do. Oh yeah...and we had a bigger group!

Today was my first official day of summer vacation. And you'll never guess what I spent my first day doing....CLEANING!!! LOL! Oh well, I felt like I got a lot accomplished.

Medieval Festival

Well the weeks and weeks of planning and organizing paid off! It went off with out a hitch. Well, there were a couple of small snafus, but nothing that wasn't expected. The 6th graders had a great time, and those that visited did as well. I think everyone really enjoyed the hands-on aspect that was offered. It sure makes the whole thing more meaningful for those that attend. Here are just a few pictures. I had 15 different stations in all, and over 250 students that attended the stations.

The groups were:
Medieval Food
Siege Weapons
Small Weaponry
Medieval Clothing
Medieval Games
Medieval Art
Famous Medieval People
Medieval Music
Medieval Myths & Creatures
Medieval Church

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

Well, it's Saturday and early this morning I got a delivery! Aren't they pretty? The flowers are from Kerry and the balloons, bear, and chocolate are from the kids.

I've been working on my mom's "card" for a while now. I finished up putting in the ribbon on all the little cards today. It's an altered box that has 20 cards inside. On the cards are things that I love about her. I think it came out really cool. I hope she likes it!

Lenae had a friend over last night. Aside from playing around at home we went to the carnival, watched our fireworks display for our city "All School's Day celebration, went to the carnival again and finished up by playing in the sprinkler. I think we'll be taking her home soon, both girls are getting tired. I know I am!

That I know of, we don't have any BIG plans for Mother's Day. Maybe I can convince him to take us out to eat. It won't be too hard to do. Otherwise I've got to get a good night's rest so I'll be ready the "Medieval Festival" on Monday with my 6th graders. I'll try to take some pictures and share them with you. Until then...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

24 hours to post huh?

Well here I sit. Updating for a challenge on scrapdawgs.com. It's 10:49 pm, I should be in bed, but I am waiting for clothes to get done in the washer so I can put them in the dryer. Ryan is still up and screaming his head off at the moment. He wanted a chocolate egg...needless to say, he didn't get one. You'd have thought his world was ending. I guess to a 2 year old "No" is the end of their world. LOL! Right now he's yelling "MOMMY HELP" between the tears. Oh, what fun! On a much lighter note, we only have 6 days of school left! 4 of those are with my sixth graders. I have to say that although I am looking forward to summer, I will miss my group of kids that I have this year. Of course there have been many challenges, but as individuals, they really have a lot to offer. I've enjoyed watching them grow and contribute to our classroom. It will be sad to see them leave for the last time this coming Wednesday. I hope I've made a difference to them in this small part of their lives.

Well, the tears have ended, along with the cries for help. My washer just buzzed that it was done. I guess I ought to go move the laundry and head to bed.

Oh...one more thing...I weighed in at school today (we are doing our own weight loss club there) and I was down 4 lbs! SHOCK! My total lost is 18.5 pounds! Wish me luck that it keeps dropping off. :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Snow day? No! FLOOD day!

What a weekend! From Friday through Sunday we dodged tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. We also got TONS of rain. We did find out that Ryan does not like our tornado shelter! We had to take cover on Sunday, and it took him a good 15 min. to settle down and get used to the small, dark little room. Today we woke up and got ready for school as usual. Lenae and I headed off like normal and on our drive we heard on the radio that school was cancelled for the day. Of course we were almost there by then so we went ahead and went. I got four hours of uninterrruped work done! The pictures are of two of the local "flood" spots here in McPherson.