Saturday, May 15, 2010

Almost summer...

You'd think that after many years of teaching that I'd figure out to wear sunscreen on play day. Nope! I got home yesterday only to walk in and hear Kerry tell me, "Your red!" Of course you always feel it more the day after. My face is tight and my chest and arms are a little tender. *sigh*

Speaking of school, there is only one more week left for this year. My 6th grade homeroom students will be graduating on Tues. evening, which will be the last time I am with them. They were a pretty good group of kids. We had our challenges this year, as well as ups and downs, but overall I can honestly say that I am proud of how they conducted themselves as the year went along.

With that said, I am SOOOOO looking forward to summer! Back in March or April, Kerry and I made reservations at Wyndham Nashville. We were supposed to be going for a week in mid June. Of course with the recent flooding, our reservations have since been cancelled. I found a video on youtube showing just how high the water was at the resort...chest deep! The resort is right near the Cumberland River and just down the street from the Grand Ol Opry. So, we revamped our vacation plans. We are now going to Fairfield Glade, TN (another Wyndham resort) which is an hour and a half east of Nashville. We are still hoping to spend at least one day in Nashville. It'll be later on in the summer though.

Well, we are off to a graduation reception today. It's raining and chilly out, but what can you expect for spring?