Sunday, June 10, 2007

Treasure Hunting!

We got our new GPS this past Monday in the mail! Last summer my friend, Karen, introduced our family to geocaching. It is a fun hobby/sport of "seek and find" over the earth. Check out if you're interested. So of course we had to try it out! We took the kids and loaded up. Of course I didn't have my camera (bad Cheri, I know) but we went out by Lindsborg and Coronado Heights. We ended up finding 2 of the 4 we hunted for. We'd been using Kerry's aviation GPS, which is awesome for flying, but for GCing, it was time consuming to load the waypoints in. Now we can do hundreds at the push of a button. I also took a class this past week in Wichita and did a little caching during my lunch break. We also have a cache that we have hidden, but it was "muggled", so we are in the process of getting it fixed back up. I think we might go out later tonight to find some more, but first Ryan has to wake up from his nap.