Sunday, November 02, 2008

This N That

For starters - Thanks for the idea my new background!

Fall Conferences 2008 - CHECK! They went great! Grades were pretty good this quarter, so I didn't have much to give parents to complain about. :) My kids's conferences were good too. My daughter likes to talk a little too much (who knew?!) and my son is getting better at using his words. Ahhhh boys!

Pumpkin Patch Visit - CHECK! It was a great day, windy, but great! The kids had fun along with Kerry and I too. Well, except for that small moment in time where we figured out we lost the camera. Thanks to some honest person, we got it back though. Note to self - don't let 8 year old go to the bathroom with will get left behind. Oh yeah, I am to blame too. LOL! We went to the Pizza Hut after all the pumpkin patch excitement. Drive off after having supper and about 2-3 miles out of town I realize that I left the camera back at the restaurant. DOH!

Halloween 2008 - CHECK! I can't believe that is over and gone!?! Christmas will be all too soon, but then again, I'm really looking forward to the break and vacation with my family. Of course, giving presents is always a joy, and Midnight Mass is my favorite of the year. You can't forget the lights and sounds of the season either. I love Christmas!

That's all for now...hope you enjoy the photos!