Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Toad-a-ly Awesome!

As I've said many a times, he's definitely a boy! He's outside playing with this little guy as I'm typing this. And yes, that is the dog's water dish that is now the toad's swimming pool!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mid-summer already?

Time has flown by as usual this summer. Lenae attended a soccer camp for the first time ever, and she said she enjoyed learning about the game and playing. She and Ryan have also been taking swimming lessons. This is Ryan's first year taking lessons, and I was worried about how he would do. He LOVES going, and gets pretty upset when it's Lenae's turn and not his again. He was quite entertaining to watch during the first lesson. There were 2 teachers and 5 preschoolers. Ryan wanted all the turns. He kept telling them, "How about me?" It was too cute!

This weekend we accomplished another "first" at our home. Lenae's first slumber party! I'm sure they'll be many more in the future, but this time we decided to get our feet wet by only allowing her to invite 4 girls. One wasn't able to make it, so we ended up with 4 girls total, including Lenae. They had a ball! Lots of swimming, pizza & popcorn, more swimming, and of course a lot of laughter. The only thing we need now is a bigger house!

This week Lenae will be attending Totus Tuus (Bible School) here in town. Hopefully she'll make some new friends. I am always concerned about that since she commutes with me 35 miles away to go to school. Most of her friends (like the ones she's pictured with above) are all out of town, and I'm sure that is difficult for her.

This past week I also took a class in Wichita at Botanica. It was called "Gardening in the Classroom." It was an awesome class! I have a lot of ideas for the teachers back at school to use with our new school garden that was started at the end of the year. Hopefully I'll be able to tie somethings into my social studies classes as well. It would be much easier to tie things in if I was doing science (although I would not want to teach science anyway). With this class I am now done with getting college hours until 2010...when I renew my certificate. Then I'll have 5 years to get 4 more hours. I'm just glad I'm done for now, and that I ended on a high note.

Keep crossing your fingers with Ryan and his potty training. He's getting there bit by bit. He knows what to do, it's just getting him to consistently do it. He can tell me and he can get up on the big potty himself (he doesn't like the training potty). But to get him to do it on a day to day basis...forget it! I'm still trying to be patient, but 4 year old preschool starts in August! He's already enrolled, and this year I really want him to go.

Until next time ~ enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A few photos

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An update, if you please!

It's been a while and I thought I'd do a laundry list update.

April 4 - My inlaws moved in with us
April 6 - Lenae turned 8 *cry* my baby is growing up WAY too fast!
April 9 - My brother's birthday
April 11 - 1 week with inlaws here
April 12 - Found a house for inlaws, just a few blocks away...put in an offer
April 14 - Offer accepted! Closing July 1
April 18 - 2 weeks with inlaws here
April 19 - Found a buyer for their farm
April 25 - 3 weeks with inlaws here
April 27 - Lenae made her first Communion - pictures will be added later, and again, my baby is growing up!
April 28 - My 6th graders put on the 2nd annual "Medieval Festival". It went SO much smoother than last year.
May 2 - 4 weeks with inlaws here
May 6 - 6th grade Field trip to Hutchinson Underground Salt Museum/Mine - We had a GREAT time!
May 9 - Mother's Day Mass - 6th graders did a fabulous job & after Mass, I took the rest of the day off!
May 9 - 5 weeks with inlaws here
May 16 - 6 weeks with inlaws here...MOVE OUT DAY!!! They moved to a rental about 4 blocks down the street. We also begin working at their farm packing things up. Oh...the stories!
May 19 - 6th grade last day with this years class. This year was definitely a bittersweet occasion. I REALLY enjoyed my class this year. They were one awesome group of kids.
May 20 - Last day of school! Wa Hoo!
May 21-June 1 - Continue working out at the farm trying to get it cleaned out.
May 27 - Lenae lost another tooth (she pulled it out because she "needed money") Poor girl has BIG gaping holes in her mouth. I hope the permanent ones come in soon.
May 31 - Closed on their farm
June 2 - Lenae started soccer camp (and she likes it - YES!)
June 3 - Ryan's first ever swimming lesson. He did great and was a hoot to watch!

That's it for now....I'll get some pictures up soon. :)