Saturday, October 02, 2010

It's been a while

Wow! I really need to write something! Let's see, since my last update, we've been quite busy. We took a short trip to Colorado this summer to visit Kerry's cousin. We brought Kerry's dad along with us too. It's been around 20 years since he'd been there, and Kerry really wanted him to get away to see his brother and sister. We spent the bulk of the summer between the ball field & swimming pool. Ryan played coach pitch for the first time, and LOVED it! He also took swimming lessons at the YMCA. Lenae was on the summer AquaPups swim team where she earned 16 ribbons for the season! We spent every Tuesday evening at a meet, and Wednesday evenings at the ball diamond. We had a great time cheering them on.

At the end of July (the day after Ryan turned 6) we left for Tennessee. Having never been there before, we were all really looking forward to the trip. We spent a couple days in St. Louis first. Took the kids up in the Arch and played lots of cards with my Aunt Sharon & Uncle Clair. We then spent a week in Fairfield Glade, TN. While we were there, we spent a day at Dollywood, and another day in Nashville. We even went to Dave Ramsey's studio and got to watch him tape the last few minutes of his show. Of course we missed meeting him in person by just seconds. We were wanting to yell our DEBT FREE scream - live on the air. Instead, we bought some souviners. I got to meet one of my online scrappin' friends, Rhonda. That was fun, and we hope to meet up again.

After our week in TN, we headed to Kentucky to spend a few days with some friends that used to live here. We had a great time with Gerry & Cheryl and their girls. We got to spend a nice day with just the "adults" too! The four of us celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. Gerry & Cheryl and Kerry & I were married on the exact same day, July 30th! We went to "Shaker Town" for lunch and then walked around the area. It was a lot of fun! We wound up the trip by spending a couple more days in St. Louis before heading home. It was a great vacation, and we hope to get back to that area again. Tennessee & Kentucky were absolutely gorgeous! I've never seen so many trees and winding roads!

Now, school has been in session for about a month and a half. The kids seem to be adjusting well, along with myself. I get the privilige (I think - LOL) of having Lenae in one of my classes this year. Hopefully it isn't all bad for her. :P Ryan is loving 1st grade, and being at the big school all day long. After school can get kind of crazy with trying to get things done with them both in my room, pestering each other. Of course there's after school activities too: Angel Choir and Winter Swim Team for Lenae, and Soccer for Ryan. It sure makes the days go by fast!

Hopefully I'll get back here before 5 months pass by again! Until next time......