Monday, July 24, 2006

Kid Update

Part of this update should have been made back in May! Lenae graduated from Kindergarten and is looking forward to starting first grade in about 3 1/2 weeks. YIKES! That means I have to return to work then too. Wow, the summer goes by way to fast! Lenae has been attending Summer Camp through our YMCA, and has also just started swimming lessons again. She's in level 3! We are so proud of all that she's accomplished in the water this past year. It is really amazing how much confidence the lessons have given her. She wants to take gymnastics, but is afraid because of her asthma. We keep trying to encourage her, but we haven't succeeded just yet. Ryan just turned two this past weekend. We had a great time that day. Many friends and family gathered at our house for a BBQ and cake & ice cream. It was a lot of fun! Ryan is starting to pick up a few words here and there. Up until the past couple of weeks, he's only been saying about 10 words. He's added several more to his list: No, two, five, Nammy(Gammy), Yup, and Nommy(Mommy). Yes, that's right, after 2 years of waiting patiently, he's finally calling me "Nommy." YES! Enjoy the pictures, I hope to post more later!