Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Last Offical Day of Vacation

I haven't had a good update in a while, so let me think.
Lenae finished up YMCA/MRC Summer Fun Camp last week. She had a great time this summer attending camp during the day. The last session there were only 6 kids, and she said that was the best one of the summer. She always enjoys Thursdays the best, since they go to the water park that day.
Ryan turned 3 on the 22nd of July. We had a "Thomas the Tank" party for him. He was such a hoot too! In the middle of opening his presents, he showed off his muscles for everyone. It was too funny! He blew out his candles like a champ - last year he was kind of afraid of them.
Kerry and I celebrated 13 years on the 30th of July. We didn't make any special plans prior to the day, however Kerry did take the day off from work. In the mid afternoon we finally decided to go to Wichita and see a movie and go to dinner. Since we had the kids, we decided on the new Disney flick, Ratatouille. It was pretty good too! This was Ryan's first experience in a big theater. And we did it right by going to the Warren. He was amazed at the screen, and the sound caught him by surprise. I think he held his hands over his ears for a good part of the show. Of course right after the previews were done he told me he was ready to go. However I convinced him to stay and he sat on my lap and watched the movie. Afterwards we went to Hog Wild Pit BBQ. It was yummy and we all had a great time.
We just bought a good cheap car for me to drive back and forth to school. Kerry wasn't really impressed with the almost 20,000 miles I put on the Avalanche this past school year. So...we got a 1998 Buick Century. It's a fairly good looking car...except for the front grill - which screams "OLD LADY". But, I'll survive. No car payment, and good fuel mileage. What more can you ask for?! Oh...of course the first week I had it (this past Thursday), I got nailed in Walmart parking lot! Oh yes...a fender bender! I went and got estimates yesterday... about $1500 in damage to the rear bumper & quarter panel! Holy Canolies! It doesn't look THAT bad. Good thing it is fully insured. Oh yeah, it was both of our faults. And the bright side(if there is one)...I didn't get a ticket.
Well, I suppose that's enough excitement for now. I need to get some photos taken of the scrapbook pages I've done this summer. I also need to get some of the kids too. Hopefully this weekend I'll have those ready to post. Ta Ta for now!