Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hardest thing I've had to do this week....

A challenge from Jeanne....

I guess that would have to be being the emcee at the Geography Bee today. Although it really wasn't THAT hard. Thank goodness we didn't have a ton of parents. Put me in front of a crowd of kids, and I'm good. Add adults, and I get weak in the knees.

A Survey

Seeing that I don't have much to post right now...I thought I'd do this instead: (by the way...I'll do a real update this weekend when I have more time!)

Name someting you eat with fruit: cottage cheese
Name something you make with fruit: smoothie
Name something you do with Flour: make dough
Name a color not in the rainbow: pink
Name a college in the South: Texas A&M
Name a state in the West: California
What is something teenagers do on Saturday night: Drink
What is the most used room in the house: Kitchen
What is the most used appliance in the kitchen: Refrigerator
What is a fun food to take to the theatre: m&ms (easy to sneak in)
Name a kind of dancer: Belly Dancer
Name a type of root: Carrot
What is another word for male: boy
What is another word for female: girl
What dog breed is typically the smartest: jack russell terrier
Name a child's cartoon: Bob the Builder
Name a Disney Movie: Cars
Name a romantic comedy: Somewhere in Time
Name a horror movie: Nightmare on Elmstreet
Name a food that is good with garlic: Bread
Name a food that is good with milk: Cookies
Name a food that is good with ice cream: Brownies
Name a pizza topping: Cheese
What is the best way to call a dog: whistle
Name a government office: President
What is a word that has the word Key in it: keyboard
What is a phrase that starts with the word Don't: Don't touch!
Name a type of house: Ranch
Name something that people do just before going to sleep: Take their medicine
Name something you associate with McDonalds: Fries
Name someone famous named Billy: Billy Idol
Name something made of metal: Scissors
Name something you build with wood: A desk
Name something you do while on a camp out: roast marshmallows
Name someting you light with a lighter: candles
Name an exercise that everyone hates: jumping jacks
Name a tree with the prettiest flowers: redbud
Name a reason (other than being sick)people call in sick to work: Tired
Name a piece of furniture that is most comfortable: Couch
Name something people steal from work: Copies
Name a popular Milkshake flavor: Strawberry
Name a movie with the word Kill in the title: Kill Bill