Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another day in the life

It's Saturday, finally! This week has just been a long week. Not for any particular reason, it just has. I think as spring and summer grow nearer, the anticipation of both make them seem like something far off in the distance.

December and January were busy months. I did most of the Christmas meal to help my mom out since her back surgery. She still did too much, but unless I was to lock her in a room, I don't think I could stop her, LOL! We both had a good time right before Christmas when I took her to Hutch to do some last minute shopping. Luckily, every where we went the stores had those motorized carts. If not, I don't think we would have been able to shop as long as we did. We both finished up the shopping we needed to, and we got to spend the evening together - bonus!

Kerry, the kids, and I rang in the New Year with our friend's the Jakaboskys. We always have a good time when we get together. We spent the night at their house out in the country, and then got up and made a New Year's breakfast. It was a good time, with even better friends!

January was spent driving all over. Lenae finally had her first swim meet on Jan. 9th in Topeka! She did great...even though she had nervous jitters the entire day before the meet. We had the next weekend off - in which I played catch-up. The following weekend we spent in Wichita with my brother since she had a meet there on Sat. & Sun. Then the last weekend of the month was spent in Salina and her final meet for the short course season. She ended up earning her first ribbon at the Salina meet - 6th place in the 100 IM! WOO HOO! That gave her a ton of confidence, and some acknowledgement that she really is competition worthy.

It's been exciting being a "swim mom" and I know this summer will be filled with running around to different towns for meets. I hear they are less hectic, except for the divisionals. Either way, I'm looking forward to it! Oh...and throw in Ryan's activities of soccer and probably t-ball too. We are finally starting to be what most families are for their kids...taxis! I love it!